Governors' Maintenance Fund

The school is a Church of England Voluntary Aided School with a specific Christian approach to education. This means that local and central government aid the school, but that the governors are responsible for a considerable part of the cost of providing and maintaining the school buildings and insuring them. In order to spread the load, the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education (SDBE) operates a maintenance scheme towards which the governors are asked to contribute a sum of money for each child. The governors also need to make provision for unexpected repair costs and also fund our contribution towards school improvement projects.  Recent projects to which the Governors’ Fund has contributed include replacing the main boiler and the school’s security system, resurfacing the playground, renewing the external security gates, and renewing the drainage, providing additional IT equipment, renewing the classroom carpeting, and refurbishing all classrooms and toilet amenities throughout the school.

Parents are asked to help by making a voluntary annual payment to the Governors’ Maintenance Fund. The governors’ suggested annual contribution is currently £70 for the 1st child, £40 for the 2nd child and £20 for the 3rd child. There are no further charges for any additional children at the school at the same time. It must be emphasised that there is no obligation for parents to pay this amount. We realise that some may be able to give more whilst others may offer this amount or something less.

We urge you to support the school in this way, and if you are a taxpayer, to also complete the Gift Aid Declaration.  Every contribution we receive from someone who has completed a Gift Aid Declaration, will be increased by reclaiming tax from HMRC (for a £70 contribution, £17.50 can be reclaimed).  The Gift Aid Declaration can be made online here (new window opens).  Alternatively you can complete the form below and return to the school office after making your donation.

Governors Maintenance Fund Gift Aid Form and Explanation

For ease of administration, we would prefer contributions to be made by ParentPay

The last set of Governors' Maintenance Fund accounts can be viewed here:

Governors' Maintenance Fund 31 March 2022 signed accounts