Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club will be resume from Monday 6th September, although we will be initially limiting numbers to sixteen children each morning.

Breakfast Club runs every day from 07:45 am and will cost £4 per session.  The children enjoy eating breakfast together after which they have time for playing games, drawing, colouring and relaxing with friends.

The children are fully supervised at all times. They wear fluorescent armbands or hi-viz tabards during their playground activities in order that they can be easily identified by the breakfast club supervisors.

For more information please contact Mrs Stevenson in the School Office for more information and booking your place

Feedback on Breakfast Club

We get to do a lot of drawing and colouring in our books. I love playing with people from different classes.

We enjoy playing with our friends and getting to play with the 3D puzzles.

We like the teachers who help us at breakfast club. I love the toast and bagels.