Term Dates

The spring term finishes after lunch on Wednesday 31st March. Children should be picked up as follows:

Year R: 1:20pm from the Reception gate
Years 1 & 2: 1:20pm from the playground
Years 3 & 4: 1:30pm from the playground
Years 5 & 6: 1:30pm from the car park gate

The summer term begins for pupils on Monday 19th April 2021.

Thursday 3rd September INSET DAY
Friday 4th September INSET DAY
Monday 7th September School open for pupils
Friday 23rd October Last day of half term
Monday 26th - Friday 30th October - HALF TERM 
Monday 2nd November School open for pupils
Friday 18th December Last day term
Monday 4th January INSET DAY
Tuesday 5th January School opens for pupils
Friday 12th February Last day of half term
Monday 15th - Friday 19th February - HALF TERM 
Monday 22nd February INSET DAY
Tuesday 23rd February School opens for pupils 
Wednesday 31st March  Last day of term
Monday 19th April School opens for pupils
Monday 3rd May  May day bank holiday
Friday 28th May Last day of half term
Monday 31st May - Friday 4th June - HALF TERM 
Monday 7th June School opens for pupils
Monday 21st June  INSET DAY
Friday 23rd July Last day of term

To download the school term dates please click on the link below:

School Term Dates 2020-2021

  Location Drop off Pick up
Reception Class Reception gate 8:50 - 9:00 am 3:10 pm
Years 1 & 2 School playground 8:50 - 9:00 am 3:10 pm
Years 3 & 4 School playground 8:50 am 3:20 pm
Years 5 & 6 Staff car park 8:50 am 3:20 pm

Children should wear their PE kits to school on the days they have PE.  Timetable is below:

Class Session 1 Session 2
Reception Monday Thursday
Year 1 Tuesday Thursday
Year 2 Tuesday Friday
Year 3 Tuesday Friday
Year 4 Monday Wednesday
Year 5 Monday Wednesday
Year 6 Tuesday Friday