Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education & Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) curriculum

The focus of education and development of the whole child is essential to ensuring pupils are  prepared for life and enabled to learn, grow and become the best they can be.  We want our children to flourish and to gain every opportunity to live fulfilled lives.  As a Church of England school, we will teach within a framework of Christian values and the Christian understanding that sex is a gift of God as part of creation. Whilst we use relationships and sex education to inform children about sexual issues, we do this with regard to matters of morality and individual responsibility, and in a way that allows children to ask and explore moral questions. 

Sensitivity and respect will be shown to all children when teaching about personal relationships and sex education, with RSE being taught in a way that ensures there is no stigmatisation of children based on their home / personal circumstances.  

Our RSE teaching and learning is set within a context that is consistent with the school’s Christian ethos and values:  

  • It is based on inclusive Christian principles and values emphasising respect, compassion, loving care and forgiveness.  
  • It is taught in the light of the belief in the absolute worth of all people and the unconditional  infinite love of God.  
  • It reflects that sex is a gift from God: a human longing for an intimate union.  
  • It is sensitive to the circumstances of all children and is mindful of the expressions of family life in our culture, yet it should also uphold the Christian values regarding relationships and  marriage.  
  • The exploration of reproduction and sexual behaviour within the science curriculum should stand alongside the exploration of relationships, values and morals and Christian belief.  

Whilst pupils are given the opportunity to explore their own attitudes, values and beliefs and to  develop an individual moral code that will guide their actions, this is exercised within an  understanding of the right of people to hold their own views within a framework of respect for others.  We are educating our children to live in the real world with all its contradictions. 

Our focus is on building healthy attitudes and positive relationships in an environment where difference is celebrated and everyone is included and valued for who they are.