School Clubs

Due to Covid-19 no extra curricular clubs will be running during Spring 2021 term

Club Organiser Day Time
Cookery Club - Years 3,4,5,6 Mrs Soltau & Mrs Cordery  Thursday  3.20pm-4.20pm
Cooper Tennis   Cooper Tennis   Tuesday  3.20pm-4.20pm 
Coulsdon Cluster Choir - Years 3,4,5,6  Mrs Wyatt & Mrs Jackson  Wednesday  
Cross Country - Years 3,4,5,6  Mrs Lee & Mrs Winton  Monday Lunchtime 
Dramabuds Years 1 & 2  Dramabuds  Thursday Lunchtime 
Dramabuds Years 3,4,5,6  Dramabuds  Thursday Lunchtime 
Futsal - Years 1,2,3,4  Futsal Elite  Monday 3.20pm-4.20pm 
Gymnastics - Years 1,2  Flexi Flics  Wednesday  3.20pm-4.20pm 
Gymnastics - Years 3,4,5,6  Flexi Flics  Friday  3.20pm-4.20pm 
Infant Choir - Years R,1,2  Mrs Bonnick & Mrs Jackson  Monday  
LPA Football - Years 1,2,3,4,5,6  LPA  Friday  3.20pm-4.20pm 
Martial Arts & Life Skills  London TKD  Tuesday  3.20pm-4.20pm 
Mindfulness - all years  Mrs Foster  Friday  Lunchtime 
Multi-Skills Years 1,2  Coach T  Thursday  3.20pm-4.20pm 
Netball Years 5 & 6  Mrs Spain & Mr Johnson  Monday 3.20pm-4.20pm 
School Football Team - Years 5,6  LPA  Thursday 3.20pm-4.20pm 
Sewing Club - Years 3,4,5,6  Miss Turley & Mrs Bartlett  Wednesday 3.20pm-4.20pm 
Spanish Club - Years 3,4  Eva Trijueque  Monday  3.20pm-4.20pm 

Due to Covid-19 we are unable to have any clubs run during this term.