School Uniform

School uniform can be purchased using the school uniform link to Price & Buckland

School uniform ordering process

Special note in regards to school uniform during the 2020 - 2021 school year

Winter weather

Due to the recent change in the weather and the need to follow Government guidance about keeping classrooms well ventilated, your child may wear a plain black fleece over their school jumper or PE sweatshirt.  Small, dark coloured logos are permitted, however do not allow your child to wear fleeces with bold football team or brand logos etc. such as Nike or Adidas. The children may also bring in black fingerless gloves to use during the school day.


Children will be required to wear their PE kits to school on the days they have PE.  They will need black jogging bottoms, a pair of trainers and a school PE sweatshirt (this is available from the school uniform shop).  This is to ensure that there is still a “uniform” for these days, maintaining our high standards of appearance. Plimsolls should be kept at school for indoor PE sessions.